The effect of a collection of people is greater than just one person. Therefore, becoming a part of this synergistic group help further your business and professional goals. Here are some benefits of joining our Association:

For Businesses and Professionals:

  • Oneness allows you to reach and access information from one another, helping you and others build their brands.
  • AICMA helps you do Private Labelling on your products, helping you create a Brand Image.
  • Coming together in an Association helps you have a standard laboratory and better warehousing.
  • AICMA has various events and activities that offer you a platform to share and receive information.
  • Brand visibility on our sites and also otherwise will help create branding.
  • Collective measures and contribution can eliminate the issue of lacking Experts on Board.
  • AICMA focuses on Small Sector Industries. Therefore, SMEs can benefit a lot by joining us.
  • AICMA organizes seminars, events and workshops that offer to train you and your employees.
  • Associations help you do corporate advertising and joint marketing of your products and resources.

For International members

  • Gain visibility with new sponsorship opportunities.
  • Benefits from Business Networking services.
  • Knowledge of Indian Regulations regarding manufacturing and importing of cosmetics.
  • Benefits from “Make In India” initiative.
  • Benefits from AICMA’s preferred service providers for the Indian market.