AICMA Frequently Asked Questions?


All India Cosmetics Manufacturers Association is a body created to help small scale cosmetic industries and other wise to build up their business with the help of events, seminars, information exchange and so on.

How do I advertise on AICMA website?

We invite our members to take this opportunity of a global platform and showcase their company by investing in advertising on the AICMA website. MEMBERS also have the opportunity of advertising on the scroll bar, below the Featured members. The logos will be continuously scrolled.

How do I become a Featured Member?

Only five paid featured members would be taken on first cum first serve. If you want to be featured on AICMA website, kindly mail us and we will send you the respective form to fill the required details.

How do I become a member?

To become a member of AICMA, you just have to go to the membership tab on the top right hand corner and click on ‘Join us’. There will be a form available for download. Please download it, fill in your details and e-mail it to us on info@aicma.in

How I stop being a Featured Member?

Once you are registered on AICMA website as featured member. Your registration period will start from the day you have registered. When the registration period gets over you will be notify for the discontinuation as featured member.

How is AICMA benefitting to you?

AICMA is helping both domestic and international members. AICMA focuses on small scale industries. Therefore, SMEs can benefit a lot by joining us. International members can get the knowledge of Indian Regulations regarding manufacturing and importing of cosmetics.AICMA organizes seminars, events and workshops that offer training to you and your employees.

What is a Featured Member?

Featured members are highlighted on the ‘Home Page’ of the website. Featured members logos will be all AICMA collaterals if there is any AICMA event.

What is Trade Enquiry list?

If cosmetic manufacturer, Private labeling, Product distribution or Private labeling has to do business in India. It is a platform where the entire business requirement can be fulfilled. It has a form with all the information stated in it. The form also has Product categories as well sub product categories. Only AICMA members have the opportunity to view the trade enquiry list.

Why can’t I access the Trade Enquiry list?

To access Trade Enquiry list you have to be member of AICMA. You can join AICMA from the website and get a premium membership. You will receive a unique link via email after the payment. You will be able to use that link to complete the premium membership registration.

Why can’t I view certain content?

Certain content on AICMA is not viewable to non-members. You canregister to be a member and ask for log in rights to view these contents.